GAT-X207 Blitz Gundam WIP: Completed

Ooof. After lots of incidents its finaly completed ! Applying the top coat wasn’t so easy as I expected. Once again to achieve a good glossy coat you need to lay down a couple of nice and even wet coats, and with a spray can that was not so easy, plus I spent allot of it. Still in the end I think it looks quite nicely.

Up close you can notice some grain in the finish, which I think it’s due to the fact that the black paint coats where painted too heavy and without letting the previous coats dry.

The kit itself is pretty standart for a bandai no grade. The only points of notice are the elbow joints which are only single jointed and as such can only bend 45%, but to compensate the heel joints are great and allow a great range of motion.

I really like Blitz’s design and I think the slight changes I made in the tone of the color scheme improve it’s looks. Take a look at some more pictures after the jump and tell me what you think !

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GAT-X207 Blitz Gundam WIP: Final Update

Been a while since I posted a progress report, a by now Blitz is almost finished waiting just for the last layer of top coat tomorrow. It was a very bumpy ride but it thought me quite allot.

Since the last update the last colors where painted and the black was polished unfortunately some accidents happened that made me repaint some parts. This was quite alot more work than I thought, and the results are not so good. It seems acrylics do not polish very well.

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GAT-X207 Blitz Gundam WIP: Update

I’m not sure how I feel about the latest progress with this kit. Though I tried new things and was moderately successful, I had some serious setbacks, not in the work itself but with my tools and materials.

But first things first. With the primer dry and cured, some free time and relatively good weather I proceeded to paint the Blitz. I will paint this kit with black, white, yellow, steel, purple and red, in this order. It was pretty easy to decide the order, the black is the main color over most of the kit as well the choice I made for pre-shading, so only a handful of parts wouldn’t be touched, of these the only one color that could be painted independent of the black were the white darts. The next two the yellow and steel, where chosen because I had no need to redo any masking, whereas the red and purple will need quite a bit of masking over the black, so this where chosen for last.

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