HMM RZ-046 Shadow Fox – WIP #4

This will just a small update as I’ve been unable to put any work on the fox for a while. Even what I’m going to show here is a couple of weeks old.

But anyway, the base coat for the main gun is complete and I am extremely happy with the result. The custom shade I asked Plamo Colour is spot on. The paint was a bit tougher than my usual Mr. Color to paint but I think that with a bit of retarder it will work almost the same. Regardless the finish is beautiful.


I had to redo the seams and prime a couple of times but in the end it was worth it. There is just a hint of the seam line in the peg but since that will go into another part that doesn’t worry me one bit 🙂


When I have the whole fox assembled I’ll try and detail this further so I hope that it will look even better when I’m done, but for now I’m really quite happy.


HMM RZ-046 Shadow Fox – WIP #3

Slow but steady the fox keeps moving along.

Got some sections of the gun together with several bits in a lighter metallic colour than what I’ll use for the frame, in this case Alclad Aluminium.


The hydraulics also had their basecoat complete,


Next I painted the n caps, which are, well caps that cover many of the joints. These where painted Alclad Gunmetal and the inner bar MM Gold. Still need to retouch the gold in some of them but pay in mind that these are tiny with less than half a centimetre of diameter.


Also have the support sections for the gun ready for painting. There where a few seam lines to fix which also had to get some putty since they didn’t join perfectly flush, making it hard for the glue to completely seal some parts.


And that’s it for now. Next update I’ll have the gun assembled .

Thanks for watching.

HMM RZ-046 Shadow Fox – WIP #2

Continuing the work, this fox has a lot to clean up.


Just those parts gave me quite a bit of work, with plenty of mould lines in inappropriate places and seam lines to fix.

After everything is cleaned masking follows in order to have the parts with the colours that I want where I want them.


And after priming and spraying some paint on them, here’s how they look now.


Only after painting them did I notice a couple more imperfections:


In this closeup it’s clearly visible the sink marks on some of the round pieces and ankle guards. I need to pay closer attention to these sort of things.

The piping pieces on the other hand are fine. I got some bleeding, but that will be taken care of in the next stages.


And that’s where it stands for now.

Thanks for watching.

MSN-001A1 Delta Plus MG WIP #4

With the end firmly in sight the works continues.
Added some decals from Samuel Decal.

Can’t say I’m overly impressed. They smudge all the minor details so none of the text is readable. The film if pretty thin so they don’t look like ugly stickers at least.

I really like the design of the head.

The colar area with the two shades of chrome, though the effect is not a noticeable on this picture as it is live

Get me some legs ;D You can see a bit of the eyes here. They are made in an unusual way having the out side portion smooth and the eyes them selves carved in the inside of the clear piece. I put a reflective tape behind painted the borders of the eyes black in the inside and the outside was airbrushed clear blue.

The feet have almost as many parts as a leg but most of their detail gets hidden.

And now the whole body still without its wings or equipment.

And with everything laid out.

The decals that went on the shield are much better than the other ones. Basically bigger shapes look great while the small warning signs look like crap.

Anyway, all that’s left is to finish the gun and apply some clear in a couple of areas. Will be finished by the weekend as planned.

MSN-001A1 Delta Plus MG WIP #3

I have never painted so much in a single weekend, but the Delta Plus’s armour is almost finished.

I started with gloss black as a primer, which went on quite nicely. On top of this applied Alclad Chrome, doing it a bit lighter in some sections to create different tones.

To protect everything sprayed Alclad Aqua Gloss which did mute a little bit of the Chrome’s shine, but on the positive side in made everything more homogeneous, making small imperfections disappear.

And finally when the clear was cured, I sprayed Alclad Transparent Blue in some parts. It’s pretty amazing the amount of paint needed to get the correct tone. For the Chrome I spent about 1/4 to 1/5 of the bottle for all the pieces, but for the few blue ones I needed almost half the bottle.

Next will be finishing the gun and top coating the blue pieces. Should be finished in a day or two.

MSN-001A1 Delta Plus MG WIP #2

And the Delta Plus saga continues, so far without any incident, let’s see if I can keep this up until the end. Since I’ve been occupied with other stuff, much of the process is, unfortunately, not documented.

The progress has not been bad though. All the parts have been cut test fitted and a good deal of them cleaned. I started by the inner frame which is painted using alclads over a custom mix of surfacer and black Mr Color.

The notable thing about this guy inner frame is that they designed the joints with just enough clearance for a thin layer of paint, and as such moving the elbows and knees does absolutely no damage to the paint. Tough it would not be necessary for the inner frame I feared that I would need to do quite a bit of sanding in the armour in order to avoid scrapping the paint in the joints, but it seems that it shouldn’t be necessary. That said I’ll still sand the armour a bit as precaution.

Next steps are cleaning the remaining pieces of armour, primer, paint the black base and then the fun part. Hope all goes well, or else I’ll no be able to finish this guy in time 🙂