P-38 Lightning 1/48 Eduard ltd. ed.


It’s been quite a while but my modelling is not stopped, unfortunately the time to publish wip posts is severely lacking, but I have a bunch of models finished or close to so new posts should be popping up.

The first one to be completed is the Eduard limited edition of the P-38 Lightning. The kit has the academy plastic with some Eduard upgrades, namely the resin wheels, superchargers and cockpit, a pair of photoetch frets, painting masks and cartograph waterslides for 5 different aricraft.

Usually Eduard does a great job and the detail is certenly there but the cockpit was quite difficult to put together. The side walls and the floor seem to be in a different scale with the walls being bigger than they should by a rather large margin. This made the assembly quite difficult and putting it in place inside the gondola a nightmare. With some effort I did manage, and you can’t really see much of the cockpit anyway so. I would probably skip it if I made another one and just use the plastic cockpit.

The rest of the kit was also somewhat complicated. This is not a kit for the inexperienced. It can build into a good looking model, but it requires a ton of work to fix all the alignment issues, and gaps. If you pick this up expect to spend a lot of time sanding and puttying.

Still, in the end all that work makes finishing it that more satisfying.










Lack of updates

The Age-2 is pretty much all cleaned up and ready for priming, but unfortunately since I don’t have a light in my painting space, and no free time to paint on the weekend or even to get me some light, this guy will probably be stalled for a couple of weeks.

I’ll probably start working on the MG Delta Plus or I’ll continue the RG RX-78-2. Still undecided.

Bloody work.

Gundam Age-2 Normal 1/144 HG WIP #1.5

Just a small quick update.

Sanding and seam fixing continues but it’s almost all done. The gun and helmet are drying and only the body is left to clean, should be able to prime and start painting in the weekend.

As a small resume, the picture with the two forearms and one shoulder, now seamless as well as the front part of the helmet and one of the wings without the safety pegs.

Hello world!

After quite a while thinking about starting a blog to say useless stuff that no one will ever read, finally a friend linked me his own blog, and I thought it was as best time as it could be.

I’m just going to use this to write things no one would listen, in hope that maybe one or two read them out of charity.

So without further ado Hello World !  and a big welcome to The Iron Keep