Gundam Age-2 Normal 1/144 HG – Conclusion

All done, and in a record time. In general a pretty good kit, though it does have a couple of issues.

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HGUC RX-93 Nu Gundam : Snap Review

My first 1/144 kit. I definitely don’t favor this scale, but I was in Japan when it was released and the size of the box and great price made it a good souvenir, besides, people all around where praising the kit for it’s quality and I got curious about it.

Like the last article on the Blue Frame I only snapped this kit, painting and detailing will come later, but for now I can check the quality of the kit itself and the areas that will need work.

Thoughts after the jump.

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MBF-P03 Astray Blue Frame Second L : Snap Review

My next kit, the 1/100 Seed, Astray Blue Frame Second L. This is a MSV design from a side story which exists only on paper medium, which mean it was never intended to be animated and it certainly shows.

Building the Blitz, I learned that no matter how well you think you studied the parts and manual, snap fitting is still important, so I took the chance to put together a small post to talk about the kit itself and not the building process, so if you want to see this one painted you will have to wait some months (my last one was only 6 hehe).

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