HMM RZ-046 Shadow Fox – WIP #3

Slow but steady the fox keeps moving along.

Got some sections of the gun together with several bits in a lighter metallic colour than what I’ll use for the frame, in this case Alclad Aluminium.


The hydraulics also had their basecoat complete,


Next I painted the n caps, which are, well caps that cover many of the joints. These where painted Alclad Gunmetal and the inner bar MM Gold. Still need to retouch the gold in some of them but pay in mind that these are tiny with less than half a centimetre of diameter.


Also have the support sections for the gun ready for painting. There where a few seam lines to fix which also had to get some putty since they didn’t join perfectly flush, making it hard for the glue to completely seal some parts.


And that’s it for now. Next update I’ll have the gun assembled .

Thanks for watching.