MSN-001A1 Delta Plus MG WIP #2

And the Delta Plus saga continues, so far without any incident, let’s see if I can keep this up until the end. Since I’ve been occupied with other stuff, much of the process is, unfortunately, not documented.

The progress has not been bad though. All the parts have been cut test fitted and a good deal of them cleaned. I started by the inner frame which is painted using alclads over a custom mix of surfacer and black Mr Color.

The notable thing about this guy inner frame is that they designed the joints with just enough clearance for a thin layer of paint, and as such moving the elbows and knees does absolutely no damage to the paint. Tough it would not be necessary for the inner frame I feared that I would need to do quite a bit of sanding in the armour in order to avoid scrapping the paint in the joints, but it seems that it shouldn’t be necessary. That said I’ll still sand the armour a bit as precaution.

Next steps are cleaning the remaining pieces of armour, primer, paint the black base and then the fun part. Hope all goes well, or else I’ll no be able to finish this guy in time 🙂


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