MSN-001A1 Delta Plus MG WIP #1

With the Age-2 done, it’s time to start my second entry in the Gundam Eclipse Summer Wars, the Bandai Master Grade MSN-001A1 Delta Plus.

This suit is the successor of Hyaku Shiki, ┬ápiloted by Char in Zeta Gundam as a part of AEUG, but while they share similarities the transformation was not fully developed for the Hyaku Shiki at the time of its deployment, making its appearance only in this prototype suit and becomes specially relevant in the Gundam Unicorn story due to it’s ability to reenter Earth’s Atmosphere without aid while in its waverider form, just like the older Zeta Gundam could.

As for the kit itself, though the exterior look is deceptively simple and lacking any complex backpack or extra equipment besides its standrad beam rifle (very cool looking), shield and beam sabers, it does have a fair ammount of parts, so as to support its tranforming features.

Looking through the parts, I would like to highlight two sections, the head and chest.

The head is a great design that follows form and function. What this means in practice is that there is not a single seam line to remove which was (is?) usual in older master grade designs and it looks awesome. The frame is mostly covered by the armour pieces except the vents near the face and the vulcans. Another curiosity is that the eyes are molded in the inside of the clear piece and not in the outside. I have no idea why this is or if there is any practical benefict.

The body is where the core of the transformation takes place and as such has a considerably complex inner frame design consisting of over 20 parts, while most standard suits would have half a dozen, if that. Still, its all ABS structure feels quite solid and I doubt it will provide any stability or structural issues. It all falls in place very satisfiyngly in either Mobile suit mode or Waverider mode.

And that’s it for now. For the next update I plan to have the various exposed sections of the frame painted and assembled, waiting for the armour to go on top.

Thanks for watching.


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