Gundam Age-2 Normal 1/144 HG – Conclusion

All done, and in a record time. In general a pretty good kit, though it does have a couple of issues.

You can’t really say anything wrong about the articulation. Whatever you want him to do he will do it and will look good doing it, but if you are painting you will need to bore out the inside of the arms armour bits or else the paint in the shoulder will be scrapped.

Colour separation is pretty good and in line with the typical high grade kit, with the only bits that need detailing being the various sensors, which this guy has a fair few of.

There are a fair number of seam lines to fix, of which the worst are in the wings, where care need to be taken not to compromise the hinge that joins them with the shoulders and loose that articulation. Also, the rifle will require some re-scribing, since a few details will get lost after fixing its seam line.

And after all is said and done all that remains is to enjoy the pretty pictures and video.

Thanks for watching.


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