Gundam Age-2 Normal 1/144 HG WIP #5 – Scraping the paint


So there I was happily contemplating the blue parts, now done, all was going well, until …

So yeah all the airbrushing was done, only thing missing was touching up some parts and doing just a bit of detailing here and there, nothing major. So I go for the helmet and manage to completely destroy the head sensors that gave me so much trouble to mask and paint :Over react:

So mask again and off I go for the second round. At least this time I was much faster masking so seems that the extra practice may be worth something.

Of course the troubles couldn’t have stopped there. The fit between the arm pieces is too tight and rubs against the shoulders painted metallic so yeah that is also great. I should have noticed it when I test fitted and sanded those a bit.
Alas it’s not too late, and I just had to take it apart repaint the shoulders and sand the hell out of the armour pieces.

Let’s see if it worked.

Success !

Everything is now top coated, and the last bits I did to the head are curing up. Early next week I’ll put it all together.



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