Gundam Age-2 Normal 1/144 HG WIP #4 – Masking & Inner Frame

Masking is probably the part of this hobby that I enjoy less, and tiny odd details in 1/144th scale is a pain to do correctly. In the picture above the front of the helmet is masked with a mix of masking tape and blu-tac. After painting the black base coat I took everything off to check, and good thing I did, since there was some bleeding which needed cleaning before the next part.

The back of the head was also a pain with the tiny camera on the back recessed inside the mohawk. The green stuff is liquid mask that I use to make sure no paint bleeds through. When masking this tiny details with small amounts of tape it’s quite common to have little bits of tape to lift and the liquid mask takes care of that.

The eyes where a bit easier and worked quite well. I basically put a strip of tape and just cut to shape. There was some bleeding but it was very easy to fix.

After checking and redoing the masking I painted the chrome and clear green. Lets see how it turned.

Not bad at all I think. Take into consideration that these pictures here are a magnification, so after I do some retouching in a couple of rough spots, I believe they will turn out quite good.

At the same time I painted the metallic parts of the kit, representing some inner frame and the rifle.

I really like how these turned out specially the shoulder pieces that had a big seam right through the middle besides being just white.

At the moment I’m working on fixing the seams in the wings which is proving to be a greater challenge than I anticipated, still I hope to manage to have all the airbrushing done during the next weekend so this is really shaping up to be my fastest kit to date, but a long margin 😛 .





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