Real Grade RX 78-2 WIP #3

And finally all the cutting, sanding and cleaning is done. Now, it’s detail time, starting with water slides.

But that will come in the next update, for now enjoy a detail view of the weapons and core fighter, as all parts before them they are very detailed and just generally awesome.

The deceptively simple beam rifle has allot going on and none of it include seam lines. I initially thought of not using it for the future posing shots since I didn’t like the original design that much, but after building this I’m changing my mind.

The bazooka is as awesome as a 10+ meter bazooka can be, which is allot, and again not a single seam line in any of the barrels.

Thank you Bandai.

I already liked the shield but they went and gave it two shades of red. With the decals, panel lines and top coat with will be stunning.

This guy is tiny, with only about 4cm nose to tail, but the ridiculous amount of parts make it look quite incredible. He will have a display space only for him in my shelf.

Thanks for reading, until next time.


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