Real Grade RX 78-2 WIP #2

Work on the RG RX 78-2 continues with the main body parts cleaned. Continuing with the goal of not painting the kit I tried a couple of new mini sanding/polishing sticks to clean the nubs and the end result is pretty good. After applying the water slides and top coats, I doubt many of the nub marks will be visible even if you know where to look.

Since last time I have completed both arms, which take the prize of having the most minuscule pieces of the whole kit, even smaller than the crest on the head, as well as the shoulders and the head, completing the whole body.

The side of each of those squares is 1cm, so you can see how big those pieces that go on the elbow are. The nub marks you can see on the upper section of the arms are though to make disappear, but since these will be covered by the shoulder armour, I’m not overly worried.

The RX 78-2 shoulders are originally incredible simple, but this real grade take on the design really adds detail and interest to what was otherwise very bland.

The head is simply impressive. The grey pieces will be seen from the vents on the front-side pieces as well as from a little opening in the sides of the head. The vulcans are also shown from the openings on the top of the head properly moulded in yellow. The level of detail is simply insane considering the size.

With this, all I’m missing, is to complete the weapons and core fighter and proceed to apply the water slides and bring even more detail to a model that is already very rich in it.

Hope you enjoyed the post and until next time.





7 responses to “Real Grade RX 78-2 WIP #2

    • Yeah you can see how tiny some pieces are, which really makes them tough to clean properly. The build is certainly fun, but I don’t think I will ever paint an RG 🙂

      I’m mostly surprised that I haven’t lost a single piece yet (knock on wood), though I did break a couple. They are really fragile, so care must be taken.

  1. man…. building an RG kit’s tough…. just bought one, took DAYS to complete! not to mention the stickers! =w=” mine’s not quite finished yet, since me is too afraid to apply the stickers! xD there’s a TON of’em, compared to the HGs…. me twinks me gonna look forward to your next post, and good luck with the stickers! 😀

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