Gundam Age-2 Normal 1/144 HG WIP #2.5

Just a small update since I haven’t been able to do much painting. It’s been too hot and the little room where I paint is turned into a sauna.

But anyway I was able to do the base coat for the yellows and reds. Not many pieces but here are the main ones.


Real Grade RX 78-2 WIP #3

And finally all the cutting, sanding and cleaning is done. Now, it’s detail time, starting with water slides.

But that will come in the next update, for now enjoy a detail view of the weapons and core fighter, as all parts before them they are very detailed and just generally awesome.

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Real Grade RX 78-2 WIP #2

Work on the RG RX 78-2 continues with the main body parts cleaned. Continuing with the goal of not painting the kit I tried a couple of new mini sanding/polishing sticks to clean the nubs and the end result is pretty good. After applying the water slides and top coats, I doubt many of the nub marks will be visible even if you know where to look.

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Gundam Age-2 Normal 1/144 HG WIP #2

Finally some progress. I primed and pre shaded everything over the weekend andĀ applied a black base on the parts that will be painted metallic with Alclad gloss black base. I also used this same paint to do the pre shading.

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