Lack of updates

The Age-2 is pretty much all cleaned up and ready for priming, but unfortunately since I don’t have a light in my painting space, and no free time to paint on the weekend or even to get me some light, this guy will probably be stalled for a couple of weeks.

I’ll probably start working on the MG Delta Plus or I’ll continue the RG RX-78-2. Still undecided.

Bloody work.


Gundam Age-2 Normal 1/144 HG WIP #1.5

Just a small quick update.

Sanding and seam fixing continues but it’s almost all done. The gun and helmet are drying and only the body is left to clean, should be able to prime and start painting in the weekend.

As a small resume, the picture with the two forearms and one shoulder, now seamless as well as the front part of the helmet and one of the wings without the safety pegs.

Gundam Age-2 Normal 1/144 HG WIP #1 – Snap Test

My first entry for the Gundam Eclipse Summer Wars 2012 will be this guy, the HG 1/144 Gundam Age-2 Normal. As usual the first step when building a model kit will be snapping it together to more easily see where are the problem areas that I will have to work on, and get a better feel for the model.

Compared to the RG RX 78-2 that I have been working on, this guy is way simpler, with a lot fewer parts, but even with that, it looks good, has a quite superb range of motion and feels solid, I’ve had no problem at all posing him. Also as most of the HG kits the parts are almost all moulded in its proper colour and many of the seam-lines are well placed.

That said there are a few spots that will need some fixing with the help of my good friends, masking tape, glue, sandpaper and friends.

Lets take a closer look.

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