Real Grade RX 78-2 WIP #1

I’ve had this guy since it was first launched, and now it’s finally time to see if it’s “Excitement Embodied” as advertised.

Before even opening the box, I’ve decided to not paint the kit. I’ll assemble, clean, touch-up any nub marks, apply decals, panel lining and finally a matt top coat. If the quality of the kit is indeed as high as they say there won’t be parts moulded in incorrect colours, seams or other ugly artefacts

That said cleaning if I was painting the preparation of the parts would be much quicker. This is giving me much more trouble than anticipated 😛

This thing, really is complex. The part count rivals the bigger master grades, but with very small parts, and that’s mostly the armour since the inner frame, unlike the bigger MG’s is just half a dozen parts with all the joints already assembled in the sprue. Ingenious.

But lets take a look

But even though these legs are impressive in the details, the waist is even more impressive

Something that many times has little more than half a dozen parts and looks good, couldn’t be so simple on this kit, oh no. If you don’t want to count I’ll do it for you, those are 38 parts, just for the waist area. But damn after all the work it will look good. Also. keep in mind that even though it’s likely that in these pictures, you can’t discern the differences in tone very well, if you look closely there are 2 different shades of grey for the armour which really enhances the look.

Besides these I’ve also done the chest backpack and one arm, that are just as awesome as these but not more to make me add anything specific for them. With the exception that there is one nub mark in the chest that is very big, very hard to clean and in a very visible spot. Come on bandai, you could have done better there.

The backpack does not have an insane part count but is surprisingly cooler that I expected.

The pieces above the thrusters are incredibly tiny and are able to move around !

So the main body is done, only missing one arm and the head, then it will be time for the weapons and core fighter. That said I may not finish this kit as soon as anticipated as I’m planning on entering two kits for the Gundam Eclipse Summer Wars competition, and those will take precedence, but it will be good to come back to this once in a while as it is a very fun build.


15 responses to “Real Grade RX 78-2 WIP #1

      • A build off ? Not familiar with the term I’m afraid, though I think I can guess what it means.

        For the near future I will be focusing on my entries for the Gundam Eclipse Summer Wars though. I’ll have to juggle my free time carefully 😛

      • Try it. I’m definitely not a pro or anything close, but contests are a cool way to challenge yourself. I’m planning on doing something that I have never done before, and having fun doing so. If I happen to win something, great, if not, I’ll still have a good time and will hopefully improve my skills.

  1. My experience with RG is really “excitement embodied”, I have already built two RGs and I’m pretty satisfied with the outcome even though it is just a straight build like what you are doing, the problem with RGs is the clear stickers, they are so small that it is difficult to apply, not only that, it should be applied securely so that it would not roll away from the surface during spraying of top coat.

    One thing I also remember that is difficult for RGs is posing them with their weapons! I had a difficult time attaching the weapons to their manipulators because the manipulators themselves are small and really articulated that sometimes the fingers pop off every now and then like PG kits.

    But other that those two, RG kits are great to have despite the difficulty, I’m waiting for my RG Freedom and will be building him soon too! =3 Its really great that they made different shades of the same color noh? =3

    • I will not be using the stickers but rather waterslide decals, which should prove fun with the amount of them and size hehe.

      I hear allot the problems these guys can have not only with the hands. Being so complex with so many microscopic parts does have it’s drawbacks. Still I’m enjoying this one quite a lot and still have the RG Char’s Zaku and Aile Strike to follow it .

  2. Gotta agree with you, RG grades rival with those MGs, in my point of view, RGs are the smaller versions for MG gundams! XD must have been a pain in the neck to assemble the frame of the gundam, especially their finggers! (not to mention lots of parts ONLY for the cockpit! XD) looks damn complicated! 😛 How long did you took to finish this?

    • I haven’t finished yet, and since I’m now building the AGE-2 and wll start soon the Delta Plus for the Gundam Eclipse Summer Wars competition, I will probably not complete it any time soon .

      But for the bits that are done it took me quite a while, something around 10 hours maybe. Still have to finish the assembly of the head weapons and core fighter then apply decals and panel lining so I expect at least another 10 hours to finish.

      • whoa O_o …hountoni nagai…… I was about to buy an RG gundam, didn’t thought it would take THAT long to assemble it! Very well, Challenge accepted! wish me luck, Ravhin-kun! :3

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