Gunpla Resources

After being away from the hobby I needed to refresh some things and went to look at my old bookmarks to find that some of those sites where no longer around and that the forum where I used to dwell is also pretty inactive. So in a quest for information and inspiration I set out, searching for new resources and like-minded people.

Ans I found two (and half) great web pages.

The first one is the end all, of gunpla tutorials, a reddit post aptly named the big list of gunpla tutorials & resources. This massive beast of links (some broken but most up and running), has a little lot of everything, from the most basic to the most advanced techniques.

Of course the subreddit is also worth a look once in a while.

But my favorite has to be, the Gundam Eclipse Forums which has a great and active community, and is a sure way to get you inspired and motivated to keep improving on your gunplaing (just made that up).

As for my own gunplaing, I’m almost finished with the body assembly of the Real Grade RX 78-2, and in the process of test fitting the HG AGE-2 and will be posting some progress reports, on those two kits soon, so stay tuned.


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