White Glint is finished : Thoughts

It’s all done and you can check my thoughts on it plus cool pictures at the distance of a click.

As I mentioned before this guy has a ton of parts, which in the end give it its awesome looks, but at the same part make it a little fiddly in some areas.

In general the joints work very well, are satisfyingly stiff and hold the big guns in place with no problems, and the same can be said of the legs. The transformations also works generally well. The only two small nitpicks is that the tights, even though they don’t have any skirt armour at all their design still makes them unable to move all that much, and the head doesn’t want to stay in place and more often than not will complete fall apart since the assembly is not very solid (I recommend some glue, otherwise be VERY careful when handling it).

Also when you are handling it the wrists and weapons wiggle all over the place. They tend to stay in place, but don’t give me a lot of assurance, so again, I recommend some caution.

Minor issues aside this guy does have major good looks, but you do have to do some work to bring them out if you don’t want to have a moderately stylish white blob of plastic.

But rather than talk about it you can check it out in the gallery below. Just click a picture to see it bigger, enjoy, and leave a comment telling me what you think.


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