The Iron Keep is back !

Indeed, after years of inactivity, I resurrected this blog and cleaned it up a bit. No longer will it be a generalist blog as before but it will now be 100% dedicated to my model kit building hobby.

In this time, I have not dedicated much time to my models, due to this or that stepping in the way, but I plan to make a good dent on the huge to do pile of kits that I collected over the years, starting now.

Although not much, my model building was not completely in stasis, having recently finished the long in progress, Astray Blue Frame and the White Glint, from Kotobukiya’s Armored Core line. I’m also currently assembling the original Gundam, RX 78-2 in its real grade form, and I must say, that it’s awesome.

I’ll be posting WIP posts for both the Blue Frame and White Glint before I show their completed forms, but for now I’ll be leaving a couple of teaser pictures:


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