HGUC RX-93 Nu Gundam : Snap Review

My first 1/144 kit. I definitely don’t favor this scale, but I was in Japan when it was released and the size of the box and great price made it a good souvenir, besides, people all around where praising the kit for it’s quality and I got curious about it.

Like the last article on the Blue Frame I only snapped this kit, painting and detailing will come later, but for now I can check the quality of the kit itself and the areas that will need work.

Thoughts after the jump.

The box is bigger than many 1/144’s, almost the size of a regular 1/100 kit and full of runners. Even considering that the Nu is bigger than your usual gundam mech, this is still a considerable amount of parts.

Going through the runners and examining the parts I start getting really surprised. Gundam’s (specially the animated ones) are not very rich on surface detail, and the Nu is no exception, but the interior detail is very rich, wayyyy beyond the 1/100’s I’ve made until now, in a totally different league really.

The other interesting feature is the helmet. Instead of having two half’s as usual in almost every kit (even MG’s) and the associated seam line, the Nu’s helmet is a whole piece. Nice.

The build of the kit, is very smart. Seam lines are all placed on places where they are actually supposed to be, with the usual exception of the weapons. In the picture below you can see an example of this in the seamline that divides the two halves of the chest.

Unfortunately it’s not all perfect and for the first time on a Bandai kit I get an actual flawed part.

Fully completed the Nu is very good looking. There is actually more detailing needed than what I was expecting, but the looks make it worth it. On the contrary of my previous Seed kits, the Nu looks meaner and much more intimidating.

It’s flexibility ranges from great, in the shoulders to just average everywhere else. The legs are considerably restricted by the skirts and the feet and elbows also don’t have much range of movement.

Way below average is the waist and head.

The waist is a ball socket, which usually wouldn’t be bad, but when you equip the fin funnels on it’s back it’s impossible to keep the body from leaning back and to the side.

The other posing issue, is the head. Keeping the head leveled it’s impossible to turn it further to the side than what is shown in the picture below.

Of course, this problems are minor in view of it’s great looks detail and price. This kit has great value for it’s price, and is certainly recommended.


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