MBF-P03 Astray Blue Frame Second L : Snap Review

My next kit, the 1/100 Seed, Astray Blue Frame Second L. This is a MSV design from a side story which exists only on paper medium, which mean it was never intended to be animated and it certainly shows.

Building the Blitz, I learned that no matter how well you think you studied the parts and manual, snap fitting is still important, so I took the chance to put together a small post to talk about the kit itself and not the building process, so if you want to see this one painted you will have to wait some months (my last one was only 6 hehe).

The box is quite fat, promising a lot of parts. One interesting detail is the inclusion of a clear part for the eyes, which is rare on non graded kits (and on high grade ones as well).

As I mentioned before, this design was never meant to be animated which means it could have as much surface detail as it could fit. Indeed this mecha makes the usual animated gundams look plain with it’s complex surfaces. (you may want to click on the pictures to see a bigger size)

This is not enough, of course, and even though the he has big, though looking, arms and legs the poseability is far beyond anything under Master Grade that I ever saw, specially the waist which has a double ball joint.

The backpack is quite heavy and big, but the intelligent design of the support on the back together with the part dense and heavy legs, make sure that not only he can stand reasonably well but also that the flexible waist won’t lean back all the time.

Of course, it can’t be all good. There are a few alignment issues and a ton of detail that needs to be painted as well as quite a few seam lines that will have to be fixed, some of them quite nasty.

Still this is no doubt a kit that looks good straight out of the box, and has the potential to look superb with it’s sharp mold and complex surface, if you are willing to put the work into it. I will certainly try to bring out it’s full potential.


8 responses to “MBF-P03 Astray Blue Frame Second L : Snap Review

  1. This was my second kit, I fell attracted to the design itself, well it was the sword actually XD. This was also the kit I messed up the most breaking lots of parts because I misinterpreted the manual which led me to broke some pieces. Never managed to build the backpack only the sword

  2. With bandai kits if you are forcing something in place then you must be doing something wrong šŸ˜› Where you able to salvage the parts ? One way or another you can fix almost anything.

  3. Yap,it limited i guess.I bought 1,assembled,gosh E additional weapons on e back was much heavy 2 pose.A display stand’ll added 2 it aid.

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