GAT-X207 Blitz Gundam WIP: Final Update

Been a while since I posted a progress report, a by now Blitz is almost finished waiting just for the last layer of top coat tomorrow. It was a very bumpy ride but it thought me quite allot.

Since the last update the last colors where painted and the black was polished unfortunately some accidents happened that made me repaint some parts. This was quite alot more work than I thought, and the results are not so good. It seems acrylics do not polish very well.

The biggest problem though was the masking or rather the residue left by the tape. Blitz requires a fair bit of detailing to bring out all of its potential, and this of course means, masking will be used. Unfortunately the tape left immense amount of residue on the black parts (that just happen to be the main color) and even though I managed to clean some with some detergent I couldn’t remove everything, paint was starting to come off, so I stopped before I had to paint everything again. The result is that some parts had a very nice shine while other where full of marks from the tape. Fortunately the top coat seems to be hiding this further but we’ll see when I finish that.

In this picture you can see the best parts, the hips. Even though the left one lost it’s putty somehow, (it’s seam was nice and gone like the right one, don’t know what happened), they have the best finish, that unfortunately I was unable to reproduce in most of the other parts due to the masking residue.

The ankle is the best part of this kit. Even after attaching all the armor around it, it retains an incredible range of movement, plus it’s nicely detailed even if most of it is lost under the leg and foot armor.

It’s weapons are nice pieces of equipment. The shield had the bad luck of eating allot of primer spit and even after I sanded it and sanded some more it seems it was not perfectly smooth. The top coat once again seems to be doing a good job though.

And here he is fully assembled.

And a close up. No decent pictures with cool action poses yet, since here it still needed some touch ups (like that little spot on the top of the head), and top coating. Still I think it’s very cool looking.

The biggest mistake I made that I believe caused most of my problems was the way I painted the black. For a finish to get glossy you need to put down a couple of good wet coats, but first some mist coats must be applied and allowed to dry and even the wet coats can’t be overdone. Of course I did almost the opposite of what I’m saying here and as a result the black turned very soft, so much that even after a couple of months some parts I left on top of paper got glued to it, even careful handling meant I was going to harm the finish and the masking tape made the mess you can see on the shoulders.

It’s not all bad of course. I like specially how the shading came out. The interiors of the vents on the chest, for example, where preshaded by airbrush and I think they turned out very nice, plus I like the sligth changes I did to the oob color scheme.


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