GAT-X207 Blitz Gundam WIP: Update

I’m not sure how I feel about the latest progress with this kit. Though I tried new things and was moderately successful, I had some serious setbacks, not in the work itself but with my tools and materials.

But first things first. With the primer dry and cured, some free time and relatively good weather I proceeded to paint the Blitz. I will paint this kit with black, white, yellow, steel, purple and red, in this order. It was pretty easy to decide the order, the black is the main color over most of the kit as well the choice I made for pre-shading, so only a handful of parts wouldn’t be touched, of these the only one color that could be painted independent of the black were the white darts. The next two the yellow and steel, where chosen because I had no need to redo any masking, whereas the red and purple will need quite a bit of masking over the black, so this where chosen for last.

This was a very long session since it was really allot of black parts. It was also very productive. As I am aiming to make it glossy, the technique for painting is slightly different from painting flat. When painting flat all that is needed is to obtain a good coverage of the kit, but when trying to achieve glossiness this isn’t enough, besides a good coverage you have to lay down a a couple of good wet coats in order to make the paint really shine. The problem is that, by doing this it gets easier to make puddles and runs of paint. I did some but nothing big, and after all these parts I think I got the hang of it.

Yesterday I had planned to paint the yellow and the steel, but it was a very unpleasant painting session. I wanted the yellow to be glossy as well, but since this was pre-shaded and I didn’t want to cover the shading completely I had to be extra careful. Unfortunately I abused in the shield, which a very small section and I lost control of the paint there and made a mess, the v-fin was also too thick with yellow but it’s somewhat okay, and the claws are also okay, though not very homogeneous.  I’ll have to check later today how the paint dry to decide if I will need to redo the shield.

After this it was disaster after disaster. First I managed to spill my bottle of steel when I was preparing the paint, fortunately there was enough left in the bottle, and I proceeded to paint after cleaning the mess.

On the contrary of painting glossy colors metallics are quite easy, even easier than flats since you don’t even have to insure total coverage. When painting metallics the one thing to remember is to paint them above black, the tone will come out great and even if you don’t achieve 100% coverage it will still look very good. So despite the loss of the whole bottle of paint I was happy with the result, this was exactly the look I was aiming for.

So here I am with not so good yellow parts and nice metallic parts, all in all I considered it a good productive exercise where, once again, I learned some good lessons, but alas it would not end this happily.

If you haven’t heard about it yet, the nozzle from the airbrushes is a very delicate part together with the needle, and care must be taken with them when disassembling the airbrush for cleaning. I heard and read this warning multiple times and yet it was not enough and I was careless enough to let the nozzle hit the ground. Sure enough, it got bent and the needle no longer fits through it. (I’m sorry the picture is not correctly focused, but focusing this sort of details with a compact shitty lcd screen is incredibly hard)

End result ? around 30€ for a replacement nozzle and needle. If you want to avoid this sort of expense, always be VERY careful with your nozzles and needles.


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