GAT-X207 Blitz Gundam WIP: Started

The Justice is done, so now is time for the Blitz. This one will also be used for experiments, though less than the last one and different. I plan on giving it a gloss finish and will also change the color scheme slightly to make it darker and the joints metal.

My first impressions of the kit, is that although it will need little masking compared with the Justice, it looses poseability, especially in the arms since they are only single jointed, and in the shoulders. It also needs quite a bit of seem fixing, but this is good, since I really need to increase my skills on that field and want to try some new things. It’s major problem though, is that the parts have quite a bit of visible flash while the Justice had none, which will have to be dealt with.

Here are the parts cut from the sprue. I then proceeded to fill some gaps and glue some seams. After a day waiting for the glue and putty to completely dry I sanded and cleaned the parts getting them ready for priming. Unfortunately in one part I sanded a bit too much and erased some details. Nothing an engraver won’t fix, but I will have to be more careful sanding next time, as I also damaged some parts slightly .

Here they are after priming and resting inside my booth to dry while safe from dust. While priming I ran into some problems. First can failed and splattered the paint instead of spaying it smooth, then I went through a whole other can. No problem, I just got my bottled surfacer, thinner and airbrush, and painted what was left. The splattering of the first can made me spend too much primer though, it would probably more cleaver to strip the paint.

I won’t use primer cans again. They spend too much paint, which for small parts is not appropriate, they are more expensive than bottled primer and you have less control with them. Even though using primer in the airbrush takes more time and effort, the results are vastly superior, and this hobby is not about rushing things anyway.

Here a couple of examples :

This first part had it’s seems fixed with putty. For some reason a good deal of that putty disappeared. This will need some fixing.

This second one had it’s seems fixed with glue. Looks quite good, don’t you think ?

This last one was partly fixed with glue part with putty. In general it looks nice, it’s biggest problem is that it was one of the prime victims of the splattering mentioned above. I will probably have to sand and prime it again.

And this is where it stands for now. In the weekend I plan to paint the white and the black that covers most of the kit and will also add some pre shading to the other parts. I will try pure black for shading because I really want a dark feel on him. Lets see how it looks after done.


2 responses to “GAT-X207 Blitz Gundam WIP: Started

  1. How will you put that hip and thigh together with the knee? I’m making one myself but I’m limiting myself to priming and painting at the moment since I’m not sure how I would put the thigh to the knee with the shin if I glue the thigh parts together to get rid of that seam line.

  2. The upper and lower parts of the legs have a polycap where the knee pegs go through. Though most of the kits I know of use a different scheme that forces you to glue this parts together with the knee when eliminating the seem lines, that is not the case with the blitz since you can just put them together after gluing and painting.

    With the justice I had the problem you mention. I painted the knee then masked it with tape and assembled the rest of the leg around it and painted that afterwards.

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