ZGMF-X19A Infinite Justice Completed

And here I was getting ready to take some nice shots of my completed Justice, when tragedy strikes.

Well this was the perfect chance to try out my new pin vice. So after some drilling and adding some glue to fill the hole…

And here it is fully repaired.

So, now for what matters. After many many months (though most of those where spent not working on this kit :P), here he is the completely repainted Infinite Justice. It may have many flaws, but at least I think I got the colors right.

With Freedom and Justice

1/100 scale ungraded kits, from the destiny and seed lines, are not known for their quality, indeed even though I find this version of the Infinite Justice cool, it’s undeniable that it has serious problems with it’s proportions.

It’s head is incredibly small, and the lifter pack is way too big, specially the canons in the back. Also the poseability is nothing great even if it does use double joints for the knees and elbows(I am unhappy with the leg pose), but considering this is not a MG or even close, I guess it’s not so bad.

The colors are also not that faithful. There was quite a bit of detailing needed, but worse than that, the main color was a salmonish pink, which is not how I remembered him from the show. True he may not have been totally red, but hey it suits him no ?

The construction also doesn’t help painting and removing seams, specially the shoulders and legs. The latest ungraded 1/100 from the 00 line are superior in all these aspects.

Still, this was ideal as a learning guinea pig, and after all the experiments and failures I can safely say that I learned allot, and for sure the next one will come out better


5 responses to “ZGMF-X19A Infinite Justice Completed

  1. Nicely done ^_^ but Justice is not one of my favorite mobile suits.

    Been meaning to ask you about your trip to Japan, did you go on a guided tour and which travel agency did you go to if you went on a guided tour?!

  2. Thank you. Its not one of my favorites, as well but I find it cool nonetheless. Besides this ones objective was to be a guinea pig from the start šŸ˜‰

    As for the trip we didn’t use any travel agency we took care of everything ourselves. I personally don’t like tours, and prefer to travel alone or with one or two people that I know share my objectives for the trip.

  3. i like the model cuz justice is my favorite mobile suit.
    and is there a beter kit w/ better quality and if there is any where could i buy it?

  4. This is the best you can get I’m afraid, but there is speculation that they will be launching an MG version later this years, but it’s unconfirmed at the moment.

  5. MG Infinite Justice is confirmed for October 2008 release, no price and (most importantly) no backpack revealed yet.
    At least the MG Force Impulse got great improvements over the no grade 1/100 Scale model. So, I’m crossing my fingers for this one, hope they won’t disappoint…

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