ZGMF-X19A Infinite Justice Gundam WIP: Allmost done !

After so long, the modeling bug is taking more and more hold of me, which allowed me to finally be close to completing the Infinite Justice. Right now I’m just letting a couple of days go by to allow the final paint, panel lines and weathering to cure properly (bad weather is not helping), then I’ll apply the final top coat pose and take some pictures of the fully completed kit, which will probably happen sometime in the weekend.

This kit objective has been from the start to try out different techniques and tools, so with that in mind, and the fact that I’m a total newcomer to modeling and painting, I never hoped that it would come out great. What I did hope was to learn the most possible to avoid ruining the following kits. I think I was successful in that objective but we will see when I start putting the next victim together, a 1/100 Gundam Seed GAT-X207 Blitz .

So what do you think ?

I made use of the lifter pack to seriously try out different approaches to lining and weathering. I started out by applying a couple of light FFA coats. Over this I used in some lines a GM01 Gundam Marker, a Rotring Rapidograph technical pen and a Real Touch Gray 1 .

As was my opinion from lining the Justice main body with the GM01, these markers are too think and the ink too ugly. They work good if you have a deep, but not too large, recess to paint, otherwise mistakes are easily made and not easy to clean.

The Rapidograph has a much thinner line and the paint flow is much better, but the tip being metal you can’t apply much pressure or you will risk scratching the paint. It’s a little easier to clean than the GM01 but not by much.

Finally the real touch marker. This one was a revelation. I started using it only to weather some areas I was not thinking of lining with it but the truth is that it works much better than the two previous options. The tip is wide so it will apply paint to the area around the lines, but these can be easily cleaned or used to weather the area around the lines. I works wonderfully. Of course as with everything else you can0t apply too much of it. It’s best to apply a little, smudge it, and if its not sufficient, let dry and apply some more, as many times as is necessary. If you put too much in one go, you may over do it.

The underside of the lifter pack had it’s lines all done with the real touch marker except for two. It gives a very nice and light effect, which I like allot.

In this picture ou can see some lines made with the rapidograph and others with the GM01. Not pretty, at least I don’t think so.

In general I’m satisfied with the result, I learned allot, which is what mattered the most. I can’t wait to start building the Blitz !


4 responses to “ZGMF-X19A Infinite Justice Gundam WIP: Allmost done !

  1. It’s coming out rather nice, still I think the panel lines should be a bit more thin cleaning them a bit more. Never worked with Rapidograph and probably won’t because the difference of price between the Rap and the G.Marker is enormous and I clean easily the G.Marker excess with a white rubber or a wet toilet paper 😛 . I definitely need to start practicing painting but I got no place to paint them except in my backyard

  2. The problem with cleaning panel lines over a painted surface is that you have to be careful not to ruin the paint below, and since the surface “attracts” paint more easily than if it was not painted, rubber doesn’t work 😦
    I will be trying using enamel washes next time and see how that goes.

    • citadel washes are great, its GW iteams, so idk how you feel about those, but a fine spray with an airbrush and the wash should turn out well, a couple of coats and call her good to go.


      • This infinite Justice is finished a long time ago 🙂 . I did try using pre shading with airbrush on my blitz which turned out rather well.

        I’m now in the process of detailing the blue frame where I’m using real touch markers and may also try washes but using oil tamiya paint and not acrylics.

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